Stella has been making jewellery since she took a night class at Wellington High in 1991. She went on to study jewellery for three years at Whitireia Community Polytechnic, under the tutelage of Peter Deckers, graduating in 1998 with a Diploma in Craft Design. She also has a BA in History & Politics. She combines her technical skills with ideas to create contemporary jewellery that challenges preconceptions about jewellery, investigates psychological aspects and societal notions. She has presented her work in solo, group, and invited shows in New Zealand and internationally. Predominately a maker, she also curates and writes. She has co-ordinated local exhibitions, established a platform (CJP) to stimulate jewellery practice and participation in the Nelson community, and secured CNZ funding for a major curatorial project (LIKE: An Experiment in Interpretation) as well as her own work.


Jewellery Under Your Bed, web project, 2013-ongoing
Bliss, G-Space, NMIT, Nelson & Objectspace, Auckland, Feb 2013
Constructs & Line Play, Design Room, Nelson Dec 2011
Bliss, The See Here, Wellington Feb 2011
LIKE: An Experiment in Interpretation, HBM&AG, Oct 2008-March 2009
LIKE: An Experiment in Interpretation, The Suter Art Gallery, Nelson, NZ, 2008
Month in May, Gallery 203, Nelson, NZ, 2007
JOC International,  CODA, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, 2007
JOC International, Mary E Black Gallery, Halifax, Canada, 2007
JOC Junior, Objectspace, Auckland, N.Z, 2007
Dyad Series 2, Otro Diseno Pavilion, Sieraad 2006, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Object Ghosts 2, June 2006
Object Ghosts 1, May 2006
HOLE, The Suter Te Aratoi o Whakatu, Nelson, N.Z, 2006
JOC (Jewellery Out of Context), The Muse, Sydney, Australia, 2006
Making Sense, The Suter Te Aratoi o Whakatu, Nelson, N.Z, 2002
Deeper Still, Eon, Auckland, N.Z, 1999
Deep, Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt, N.Z, 1999
Objectives (graduate exhibition), Pataka, Porirua, N.Z, 1998
 The Compendium Of Contemporary Jewellery Makers, Darling publications, 2009
“Like/Unlike/Dislike”, LIKE: An Experiment in Interpretation, Icebox,2008
“ Jewellery in the Gallery”, Making Sense: an exhibition of conceptual jewellery, Inkscape, 2002
“Is the Object Really Necessary?”, Jemposium, Wellington, February 2012
Introduction to LIKE, The Suter, Nelson, April 2008
JOC (group floortalk), Objectspace, Auckland 2007
Where’s the Jewels? : A Discussion of Absence and Memory, The Suter, May 2006
The Implied Body, The Suter Te Aratoi o Whakatu, Nelson, October 2002
Jewellery in the Gallery , The Suter Te Aratoi o Whakatu, Nelson, July2002
Diploma in Craft Design, Whitireia Polytechnic, Porirua, N.Z, 1996-1998
BA (Hons), Canterbury University, Christchurch, N.Z, 1986-89

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