Jewellery Under Your Bed


Jewellery Under Your Bed is an on-line exhibition. 

Premise: Make  a jewellery item from the things you find under your bed.

Making Your Bed Jewellery Instructions:

1. Look under your bed.

2. Find (un)suitable materials under your bed.

3. Make a piece of jewellery using only those materials.

4. Photograph your creation.

5. Email me your photo. 

6. I’ll post your  creation on this page.

notes: Anyone can do this! You can contribute as many times as you wish. Have fun and don’t forget to check back to see what others find under their beds. 

…I’m off to hunt under the bed!

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6 responses to “Jewellery Under Your Bed

  1. Fun! Will do (what happs if the family pet is visiting under there… 🙂

  2. I love the idea of the family pet as jewellery! (I’ve always thought that cats would make great muffs.)

  3. Damn, I’ve just moved house and I cleaned up a massive pile of dust from under the bed at the old house! Felted dust and other ‘stuff’ would have been fun for a jewellery project.

  4. love it trouble is I know what is under my bed paper and an American car plate this could be a very large piece . . .

  5. Cool idea !!!

  6. Hi Stella, this is great, love it! I have found two dinky cars, a marble, finger puppet… just lacking inspiration, i might find that
    in the vacuum cleaner!

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