(S) CRAP  Yvette Byrd, William Henry Mueng & Stella Chrysostomou

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(S)CRAP is an exhibition of paintings by Yvette Byrd, drawings by William Henry Meung and jewellery by Stella Chrysostomou. The artists are drawn together by geographical history, a common making methodology and a black humour that pervades all their work. All three have ties to Nelson; Yvette and Stella both currently live in Nelson, while William now resides in Dunedin. Within the making process all three artists are curious about the often-fine line between creativity and psychological crises. Doubt, self-criticism and procrastination, combined with depression or a sense of hopelessness, commonly stymies artistic output. Using these crisis points, rather than working against them, the artists have endeavoured to make work that represents these elements, choosing non-precious materials, re-working canvases, crafting from materials physically close at hand, using the discarded and abstracted. All three artists create attractive work that falls into a category that might be defined as ‘ugly’. What is it about some objects/painting/drawings – not conventionally attractive – that draws you in? You are taken with them even though your attraction is disturbing. While the (S)CRAP exhibitors do not set out to break ‘the rules’ they are open to an assault on art values, to surprising their audience with their choice of materials and to thinking and creating outside the ‘what-is-good-art’ debate. They make work to intrigue, and to invite the viewer to ask questions rather than seek answers.