I established CJP in 2009 and to date we have had several one-off gigs. There is a core group of local artists and jewellers that get together from time to time to spice up our jewellery lives.

The idea behind this programme is to encourage conceptual development in a relaxed and non-competitive environment where experiment and playfulness are the central concerns. CJP events are organised to explore and extend jewellery practice within the  community. The purpose is to build a diverse and vibrant jewellery community and to offer a platform for challenging and provocative events, exhibitions and projects.

SKATE was the inaugural CJP event. This dynamic one-night event took place on a Wednesday evening in Nelson at a (gorgeous) church hall. Skate was an open access project. All jewellers and artists are welcome to participate as either exhibitors or attendees. So whether you were a hobbyist, professional jewellery practitioner or a student you were welcome at Skate. Members of the public were welcome to view the works and to skate, if they wished. All forms of wheels on feet welcomed. Skate boards, scooters, roller blades and of course, roller-skates.

Other events Bejewelled, Edible Jewellery Picnic, Makeitart

Here are some tasty edibles from the picnic:

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