Chance encounters at airports

Chance encounters in the airport loos are hardly the thing of inspiration one would think! Twice in the last six months I’ve had chance encounters in airports and both times in the airport loos. Both times I have been en route to board meetings and  bumped into a fellow artist.

Encounter 1: Was with Hilary. Very funny – we didn’t even realise we were on the same flight from Nelson. I was on the way to a board meeting and she was on the way to a friend’s Auckland opening. It was an excellent encounter and we chatted while we waited for (me) a colleague and (Hilary) a friend at Auckland terminal.

Encounter 2: Was Renee – a fellow jeweller. Last time I saw her was at Jemposium in 2012. While our conversation was brief it was delightful, and made me feel a part of the jewellery fraternity for a lovely moment.  airport vintageIt was a real pleasure to re-make that connection. And it wouldn’t have happened if my flight hadn’t been delayed by almost an hour. Thanks AirNZ!

I’ve always loved airports for people watching and I enjoy travelling. It fulfills my desire for change. (something that doesn’t happen that much in a settled family, full-time work, mortgaged existence unless you make it so) . So it’s a bonus when that people watching converts into meaningful interaction.

It’s always interesting to meet people unexpectedly. It triggers different shared memories and experiences. It stops you in your tracks. It’s easy to become absorbed in your day-to-day grind and lose sight of your artistic ambitions. I’ve just been writing an exhibition proposal this week. (Something I haven’t done for a while) and noticed as I was updating my exhibition history that 2014 was a bit of a drought.

2015 looks more promising. I started the year with a 3-week hiatus from work. It was bliss having a concentrated amount of time off which enabled me to do some serious bench time. I’m working on some new work for a planned group exhibition with Yvette Byrd & William Henry Mueng.  And out of the blue I’ve been invited to participate in a show in Australia later this year.  So best intentions this year and so far it is starting well.



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