Lost things and jinxed travel

Today I lost a brooch. And even though I can re-make it I’m still having a ‘missing you’ moment. I think I lost it on the aeroplane from Auckland  – the flight was delayed by an hour because someone had packed a container of petrol(!) in their bag which leaked. (Which meant they had to unpack all the luggage and take out the contaminated bags). Funnily enough the brooch had fallen off once already that day  in a taxi. – I should have seen the writing on the wall! Somehow I missed the clues and popped the brooch back into place on my garment. Duh!

The brooch I lost was a simple empty silver circle. A brooch that explored (or showed off)  what it contained in its space inside the frame rather than what it was  in itself. Quite a while ago I had  a show called HOLE (Hidden, On Loan, Lost) which explored the ideas of loss and connection, of missing elements and withheld objects.  It’s interesting how strongly we connect with objects we wear. I’m reading a book at the moment about the relationship we have with clothes and other things we wear, Women in Clothes – Why We Wear What We Wear.  It is a great book filled with interesting ideas, images, explorations of personal collections, candid discussions and intriguing questions & responses.



2 responses to “Lost things and jinxed travel

  1. Elsa Krasniansky

    Have not read this book, but I think that what we wear has to do not only with fashion of the times (we are all somehow victims of the trends through our years), and there are things and looks that we are always fond of, also as we age our bodies change , and we try to adapt ,it all depends on your waist measurements , no matter how loose the tunic is, I know I am hiding the mid fat ring!! no matter,
    I can wear a brooch, all eyes will go to this piece of something on my jacket or my neck, it distract and points away from my bulging middle !!!
    Jewellery can be a distraction , a story that hides the body or not??

  2. Hi Elsa – yes, the idea of the changing body and how we compensate for this or alter the way we present ourselves is interesting. It is surprising when you see yourself ‘by accident’ and get a shock – that fleeting moment in the mirror when you see yourself as others may and think – really?! But mostly we humans are creatures good at disguise – and I agree jewellers are very good at distraction – maybe that’s why the brooches get bigger!

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