Blissful for you

What does one do with the accumulated works from exhibitions? I’ve got bundles of carefully wrapped jewellery stored in boxes, exhibition furniture in the in-laws basement and display units stacked under the studio bench. Something has to be done and it may be Blissful for you. I’ll be selling some of the remaining works from the Bliss exhibition. Keep your eyes peeled for some monkeys and jewels….coming very soon to a screen near you!

2. Jewellery Objects x 9 - set 2

It’s quite fun pulling out the odd piece now and again – being quite surprised that you produced it and even more surprised that sometimes you’re quite fond of the work. (And sometimes I even start wearing it!) I always feel slightly annoyed by/disappointed in/doubtful of the work at the time of hanging a show. You get so wrapped up in the concept that it’s difficult to be excited by it until you regain some distance from the work. I almost feel sorry for the poor artworks abandoned in the gallery – I’ve had quite enough of them and their petulant ways!  (And I imagine, if they could express themselves, they would say that they have had quite enough of being handled by a stressed maker on deadline.) Anyway, despite the troublesome nature of exhibiting I keep doing it and hence their accumulation.


2 responses to “Blissful for you

  1. Elsa Krasniansky

    Hi Stella
    Interesting views on unsold works. Sometimes when I look at my unsold work, I get depressed and think that they were all mistakes and find faults in them. Do we still value and respect, and understand what we have made ?
    Sometimes perhaps is better to melt the whole thing? and why if we still like them or parts of it?
    Unless of course one thinks one is poised on an indestructible unassailable logic platform that gave rise to such works.?
    Do we measure the value of our work if it sells? This is the question.
    Keep going jewels!

    • I don’t think the sale of a piece reflects its worth or value. Everything you make is a step on the way to making better or different things – sometimes the path is quite convoluted and you may get distracted. There will definitely be times when you question what you make and you should do this. (Only melt down what you really consider an error. ) Happy making

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