Back from the brink

Now, that sounds dramatic! After almost buying a bookshop (in the end after several months of the business I work for being for sale half the ownership bought the other half’s share) I’m back to focusing on my art (rather than analysing rows of figures and wondering what a lot of debt might feel like). So it’s been a weird few months with not much time in my head for concentrating on the jewels. Despite that I am making new work and enjoying thinking about the next show (I’m hoping to have a small exhibition before the end of the year – it depends on how productive I am over the winter!).

Lucky me! I’ve got a week off from the bookshop, so it’s into the workshop to attend to what is on the bench. I was just looking a fellow blogger’s post about power lines and was reminded of  a show I did several years ago which included a power pole . A Month in May was such a fun project – a playful experiment that still works as a springboard for ideas. It’s interesting how work resonates, often unconsciously, long after you have moved on to something new.

I’m enjoying making more than ever. It just feels right. It’s a great feeling when it all comes together, no workshop disasters (today), no making for hours on end to sit back and go “Eek! That’s awful.” (Maybe now that I need to wear glasses in the workshop my altered eyesight is flattering. Ha.)

May23lMonth in May 135



4 responses to “Back from the brink

  1. Wonderful to see all that intense creative energy channelled into new outlets in your work- can’t wait to see what percolates to the surface!!

  2. Thanks Maclean – nothing like a bit of decision-making and analysis to get you back on the path.

  3. It sounds exhausting to ponder such a big decision, it must have been a releif once you had made up your mind. It sounds like a good choice to focus on your art work, so congratulations, enjoy the flow!
    I love the power pole brooch. That photo is quite a challenge to take on, with all wires. (And thanks for the pingback – it’s nice to know I’m not the only one out here with a jewellery eye on them!).

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