Demolition Jewel 2

I’m enjoying playing in the studio. Here’s the next instalment for demolition . I’ve thrown in some diamantes – a contrast with the beaten up wood.

Demolition Jewel 2 - ring

Demolition Jewel 2 – ring


The piece of wood comes from a building on Nile Street (central city fringe) that was pulled down last year to make way for an apartment development (the land had been left sprouting weeds and plants until this week when the bulldozer moved in). The building before it was demolished was an office for Nelmar (a business) and in another lifetime a large family home.

35 Nile


2 responses to “Demolition Jewel 2

  1. I like this ring, it looks solid like a house (not a demolished one, of course!), and the stones are a nice contrast – perhaps the sun reflecting in the windows?

  2. In loving this demolition jewelry! Ruth x

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