Demolition Jewel

Demolition Jewel 1  faceFirst piece completed in my exploration into demolished buildlings. The orange piece of wood comes from the site of the Nursing Studies building at NMIT (the local polytechnic) which was closed in May 2012 and demolished later that year due to being seismically unsafe.


With this piece I’ve kept the aesthetic quite simple. Not changing the wood splinter that much – just rounding off the corners to slip into the capsule-shaped bezel. The orange colour of the paint is quite loud so I wanted to leave it to speak for itself without embellishment. I like the wear and tear on the surface which tracks the time it spent as a piece of timber of a functional object somewhere in the now defunct building.

Demolition Jewel 1

The reverse retains the dark wood which harks back to it’s life as a tree. I particularly liked making the pin fittings for this piece, working it around the irregular shape of the wood.

Demolition Jewel 1 reverse


4 responses to “Demolition Jewel

  1. Wow, I love this- it pops to look at but has depth to it too- stunning

  2. What a nice way to honour an old building, nice to know where the piece came from, that it’s not just “any old piece of wood” but has a story (which obviously everything has, but someone has to tell it).

    • Ironically it was an ugly building (not that bothers me). Now there is an empty space, maybe some car parking. Since the earthquakes in Christchurch (2010 & 2011) , there has been a major assessment of public buildings throughout NZ. I think we will see more buildings demolished due to them not meeting the new building code. Sometimes this leads to good things like a pop-up park in the centre of town on an empty site.

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