In the workshop today and it was GREAT! I am working on a brooch which I have been designing in my head for about a month so it was wonderful to actually see it starting to exist.

Strangely it was a zen experience in the shed. Usually after a longish absence from making it takes a day or so to get my eyes and hands to behave themselves. Usually there are broken blades 1,2,3 or 4 in a row, some dodgy  soldering and quite a bit of pissing around trying to work out what I’m doing out there!

I don’t usually thinking of my making style in a zen-like way, but that’s the most apt description for this cynic today. My making style is often rather heady – that is, engaging the intellect over the material rather than with it.

Karosawa  - Hidden Fortress

And all I’m saying about the piece I’m working on is that it includes wood. Why the still from Kurosawa’s Hidden Fortress ? (– watched this with the children today). There’s quite a bit of wood carrying going on so just realised how apt our choice of film was. You will have to check back in a few days to see the finished piece. 


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