New Year Unresolvings


Seems like everyone is starting the year with a bang and of course NY resolutions. I didn’t make any this year as usually I can’t remember them after a few days and that’s not because of imbibing. It’s just because I have a poor memory for things that don’t matter. But saying that I kind of have one this year. More time in the workshop. Last year, aside from  a frenzied start at the beginning with the Bliss exhibition, was pretty much a non-making year, with work at the bookshop last year taking not only time, but also my head. Not that I mind that completely, and I was reminded of this today when a customer who had been sitting browsing books came up to the counter to make her purchase and said, “You really love your job.” She had been observing me in the shop talking to customers about the books I thought they would like.

But I also love making jewellery so maybe the start of my resolving is keeping on top of this blog which will serve two purposes; one – to focus me on my practice and jewellery thinking and two – to keep me on the straight and narrow – shaming me out to that bench! No more excuses like too hot, too tired etc…. (and there are not too many rats any more – sorry rats you had to go!)



2 responses to “New Year Unresolvings

  1. So good to see you back again, Stella! Perhaps I said it before, but your mix of books and jewellery seems a very special one. I look forward to seeing what you come up with this coming year. And enjoy the summer workshop (it’s funny to think you have summer, we are supposed to be mid-winter now, but I have seen no snow yet…).

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