Summer School

Feel like doing something creative this summer. I’ll be teaching a jewellery workshop as part of the Creative Journeys Summer School.

Jewellery Workshop: Deconstruct Reconstruct: make a new jewel from an old one

In my class you will dismantle a jewel, (or combine several) to make an all new piece of jewellery. On the way you will learn to be a creative maker by sharpening your aesthetic eye and designing through play and experimentation. You’ll also learn skills that don’t require lots of equipment so you can take these home to your kitchen table or workbench. I’ll teach you some cold joining techniques and help you resolve technical issues, and hopefully inspire you to keep making!  Whether you are a total beginner or have some experience I can offer you a useful as well as enjoyable workshop. Come and enjoy a weekend of creative activity.


The weekend workshops run from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th January 2014 and are held in Nelson, NZ. There are plenty to choose from – including theatre, writing, calligraphy and printmaking. (If I wasn’t teaching I’d be doing the print workshop!) You can enrol over at the Creative Journeys website.


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