A Distant Bliss

Well, the shows are done, the work is back, and after a few weeks of down time, I thought I  better do as I promised and make all of you who couldn’t get to the shows a wee slide show.

I hope the monkeys that have gone to new homes are behaving themselves. (the Auckland monkeys have remained in a set and I’m sure that they will be happy in  their new home; a set now resides at a Nelson accountancy firm (!), and one other is enjoying a lovely family home). I do have two of the large monkeys left, so let me know if you are interested in purchasing as boo-hoo my home is too small! I’ll be sad to see them them go – I’ve become quite attached to them…..

Plans afoot to reconfigure the show (no more large monkeys – just the small monkeys and jewellery objects) and send further over the seas. If you have a gallery near you that would be interested in this kind of contemporary jewellery/installation please let them know about this work.  Cheers.

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One response to “A Distant Bliss

  1. Elsa Krasniansky

    Hi Stella
    I love your monkeys!!!. long live the Monkey King!!
    Please check your email…
    Elsa Krasniansky

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