I really liked this term Moonlight Jeweller – hope you do too!


moonlight-1Is there in your language the expression “moonlight farmer”? In Swedish we call it a “månskensbonde”. It refers to someone who runs a farm alongside a regular day job, having only early morning and late evening hours available to take care of the farm.

I did not manage to find any translations, either online translation tools are too limited, or there is simply no such expression in other languages. If anyone can enlighten me here, please step forward! I’m curious to know if this “moonlight concept” exists in other languages as well.

Obviously, I’m not a moonlight farmer myself, but I love the expression, and I do consider myself a moonlight jewellery maker. Projects evolve in small bits and pieces of time.

When I see the full moon, I more often than not stop to watch it for a moment. As if I haven’t seen it before. Well of course…

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  1. Thank you so much, I am so honoured!

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