Sunday Walk

I popped out for a short walk before dinner and decided to take my camera. Sometimes I like to look through the lens at the world and it’s amazing what you see. I always think that we miss so much of what is around us because we are in a hurry, and we are distracted by others, our gadgets, and our minds. It’s fun to see how far you can get before you have an array of interesting snaps. I like looking down at the ground; finding rubbish and little details of the intersection of the natural world with the man-made. Today, just outside the gate, there was a scrap of cardboard packaging – the bright pink stood out so wonderfully on the grey footpath (I didn’t realise until I looked later, that this packaging was for hearing aid batteries and had the words ‘people first’ printed on it – very funny for me as I have been working on a jewellery series of silver non-functional hearing aids for a while now and they are part of my new work about apathy!) This set of photos ends with a excellent no.91; a brooch for  a garage door. In my travels, a short stretch of suburban footpath, I saw Gaudi plants (think Sagrada Familia); ivy & lichen interacting with wood & steel; a banana skin attempting the disguise of a plant; a trail of mysterious orange dots; and an interesting corrugated iron fence.


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