To think or not to think

To post, but to post what? Surrounded by an array of interesting things to look at and experience, sometimes we are overwhelmed by a stimulating environment, whether that is real or virtual. We can surf the net and find all sorts of creative projects/objects/writing – most of which is detritus, but some of which is absolutely brilliant –  and we can in our real lives, of walking/talking/eating – much of which is functional, find surprises – a sudden downpour and then sunshine; a moment when frustration or annoyance turns to hilarity, the surprisingly quiet beauty (sneakiness) of a weed impersonating a plant.

(Tonight we were pretending to read palms – according to my various family members I am going to have a long life, die in a hurricane but the moon will be beautiful (bonus, but I don’t know if that is actually possible), I should watch out for falling pianos and giant teddies, and that my life line seems to have a break in it and my heart line a fork, but at least according to the mind line I am definite in my thinking. Whew! )

I have been writing a description for a workshop today and it made me ponder  what is important to me about jewellery making. Skills are great, talent is useful, materials are a foregone conclusion, but it’s what you do with these that make a difference and what you are thinking about when you create. I make jewellery to explore ideas and to raise questions;  to create discussions between the work and the viewer/wearer; and to investigate human/societal behaviours. I’m interested in where jewellery is sited on the body; what kind of dialogue is taking place – whether this is comfortable or uncomfortable. I’m interested in jewellers that think and in jewellery that makes you think. Art should be about having something to say. And jewellery is often trapped in adornment and prettiness – it doesn’t have to be……


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