Back at work today after a whole week off. Strange, (was enjoying just being a jeweller for a week rather than my usual double identity) but good. The shop is stuffed full with lovely, exciting and interesting (the adjectives could continue but I would never get to the end of this post) books. On my walk home (in the same street in the space of a few minutes) I came across an almost 6-year old who way-laid me with tales, strange and misleading and odd questions (“Do you know when my dog’s birthday is?”), hanging around at the school gates  well after school and an aged woman somewhat (!) inebriated finding it difficult to keep herself upright. After assisting with balance and suggesting to young child he should make his way home, I went on my way thinking that life is full of strange and sometimes unsettling happenings. But still I digress, but this observation was concluded with a visual observation of the unexpected as I came out of the bathroom at home I noticed these lovely light reflections on the door to my 12-year-old son’s room. Gorgeous and strange and slightly surreal. How I make a piece of jewellery from today’s observations I’m not sure but it all adds to those things we call material….


2 responses to “Observations

  1. great to read some of your slice of life and art thoughts Stella! love from across the seas, Kate

  2. Great post to read, and amazing photos, they do capture the “surreal”, somehow.

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