Jeweller at a Glance

So, here I am, another jeweller in the sea. A minor facet in a large diamond, a speck of silver dust on the workbench. There are many jewellers working away at their craft, art, design, so what about me? Well… I can describe myself as a jeweller who works predominately in an ideas-based way. I don’t bother trying to make a living from my jewellery work; (to pay the bills, keep a roof over my and my family’s heads, and to eat I am a bookseller at a wonderful independent bookshop in Nelson.) So okay now you know I live in Nelson, New Zealand. A place that people are envious of, but it is also a bit of a sleepy pillow, but yes.. I have to agree it is quite beautiful – sea, sun and bush within walking distance of home.  Okay back to the jewels – I am interested in presenting my work in an exhibition context (- for the things I’ve done to date you can have a look at my exhibition history page or go to and I try to install my work in  new and interesting ways. If you see one of my exhibitions or look at my work on line I hope that you come away with  some new ways of seeing and experiencing jewellery, and that my work raises questions about the jewellery object and ideas that affect us in our internal as, well as external worlds. Enjoy.


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